Retail Analytics

Analytics for agencies and exhibitors

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Benefits + Insights
Measure Marketing
Measure Foot Traffic
Manage Multiple Locations
Export Valuable Data
Improve Floor Plans
Easy Hardware Install
Analytics Platform
Occupancy & Engagements

Smart Insights

Use location analytics to identify data-driven decisions for your business.

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Big Box

Identify trends in a store and understand your consumers better to increase ROI.

Shopping Malls

Determine which stores perform the best and where visitors congregate the most to increase marketing efforts.

Outdoor Centers

Large spaces provide value to consumers. Know where they go and how long they stay there.

Pop-up Stores

You have a limited to understand consumers. Make the most of it with location analytics to adjust on the fly.


Identify wait times, peak hours, who's helping them and improve service. Optimize your workforce with predictive analytics.

Small & Midsize Business

Spend less time trying to understand customer habits. Learn strategic placements and measure success with analytics.